Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upadate to RFL build this year

Well after the surprise closing of my first store and the pending arrival of a worthy pc

I have been hard at work on a new ship for RFL this year

The watchmen inspired Archemedes II (well name really pending but hehe)
Lets see outside your normal yes it moves question here are a short list of W.K.I features
Hyperdrive : yes now you can be even faster menu driven set distance and direction
(currently presets between 50m and 400m and directions of course up down left right forward and back even a ground button to instantly jump you and your ship to ground level regardless of alt)
Sheilding: encompasses whole ship in a nifty lil bubble that returns and energy ball back at target fireing on it (as always theres an on and off switch for this )
Cloak : i know i know but everything has it it seems good for sneaking to and from places (coughs like that cat girl place /looks to Des j/k)

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