Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Musings from the airship kitty

Im not much for writing and I find myself doing it more and more having this blog
even if it is unread. If you have found me /smiles
This blog is to keep track /a worklog to show of my random tinkerings in airships etc
if i had to say my style I would go for a bit of victorian airship lust across the time line even my "newer" ships old a bit of that old world charm
I am an aspiring airship builder yet my marketing fails epicly almost as much as my typos
Wicked Kitty Industries is slowly getting off ground (pun intended) and features are being added weekly to my ships be it the auto canopy on the top deck of the Ragnarock for a below the seas dry experience or the animated control stick in all my ships/ multiple cam angles via menu
good things come to those who wait with me
most of my time I build gifts for friends or help them get there own works flying
/sumies flying malt shop as of late
as i learn i hope to get this blog looking better with help from community possibly

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