Friday, June 27, 2008

Its never read but i still write lol

oh the humanity. anyone read this or just my own musing.
well for those that might. I am up at work spend the day getting scripts cleaned up. just wating in one more from a friend (hes really busy and accidently made in no mod no copy) so this should be on sale soon
also made a smaller version of the dual level Ragnarock . more of a mini raganrock /search and rescue sub
im not an expert but im thinking 500 on mini and 1k on the large vessel ?
maybe a package deal with both for 1300 or something like that >

/ramble off fair skies

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wicked Kitty Industires update and misc

Well time to keep track of lil updates again
Ragnarock submarine /airship . Showed off an Connolly dome today woot Zoe was on
improvements keep coming Propellers now fully scripted and rotating nice fire effects for airmode and swaps to bubbles when in water. not that sucky 1 efect fire but 5 randoms hehe
next variable speed and Camera angle menu (currently a sit and fly with 3rd person behinde ship view) . Side door with lowering ramp . sub mode rezing canopy over the open top deck.
Just about ready to sell/ give a way
other ideas in discussion with some scripters and some sort of office /siting area for bottom deck may make this rez on touch/command room to save some prims in crossings but make it static in model one release

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wicked Kitty Industries

Updates both r/l and s/l
To all my friends thank you for your support in my busy days r/l helping my family while my Dad finaly rest ......dang stubborn Itailan fathers no even minor heartattacks slow them down from trying to overwork themselfs. He is doing well just some routine checks the Drs say but overall well
SL update well when im back ill be starting W K I (wicked kitty industries) and selling my own airships /submarines .... finally think there good enough to let people have ... well outside those friends ive said here have a beta to lol.
so first products... 2 airships 1 sub and a flying chair is the idea
Caledon Highlands airbase been open for a while thou probably not well known still need to get somekind of promotion out there on that .
Thank you Uni Ninetails my dear friend for watching over Highland Falls for me and the airbase
i can never thank you enough for finishing the work on the cave and garden (so nice we share a vision on that )