Monday, July 7, 2008

RFL auction post auction report

All i can say is amazing ok ok i went all out out . Over all good considering there was another party at PropSpinners at same time . (exact ammount escapes me atm) 5500l for RFL i was speechless not to shabby at all. I did go over board and sparked some last min biding instead of one i put up 2 airships the Ragnarock and the prototype to the Lolite ( a smaller ship of similar design
thank you all that attended and special thanks to the winners
If you all missed theultimate free Party Favor (small physical plane called the Guppy) and to actually poke into this blog drop me a line ill send you one .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Auction or Bust

out in Kintyre today and hanging on my build platform was inspired hacked together "the Guppy" lil phys flight pusher based on terracuby D I Y plane as a party favor for event .
hows that for fun auction for a good cause and free plane I m sooooo oexcited /crossess fingers

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RFL auction in Kintyre

yep wicked kitty industries is well underway rather then just set up a vendor decidied first ship out the door will be auctioned off on the 6th for caledons favorite cause RFL. the Ragnarock will be on display and flight demos /rides /tours given on me .
just a short update from work (what a night what a night)
will be in world later for a quick photo snap before Sumie sets the dogs after me for not having my av picture up in the blog /ning ........
with in week 2nd ship should be out smaller rescue craft based on the Ragnarock called the Lolite and after that a ship for the Extropia Defense Force called the Vallhala