Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Musings from the airship kitty

Im not much for writing and I find myself doing it more and more having this blog
even if it is unread. If you have found me /smiles
This blog is to keep track /a worklog to show of my random tinkerings in airships etc
if i had to say my style I would go for a bit of victorian airship lust across the time line even my "newer" ships old a bit of that old world charm
I am an aspiring airship builder yet my marketing fails epicly almost as much as my typos
Wicked Kitty Industries is slowly getting off ground (pun intended) and features are being added weekly to my ships be it the auto canopy on the top deck of the Ragnarock for a below the seas dry experience or the animated control stick in all my ships/ multiple cam angles via menu
good things come to those who wait with me
most of my time I build gifts for friends or help them get there own works flying
/sumies flying malt shop as of late
as i learn i hope to get this blog looking better with help from community possibly

A few more of the Strahl

My personal Airship maybe for sell someday lol

I modeled this after the Strahl from FinalFantasy12 soon to get a side ramp and folding wings as r/l permits

206prim a bit heavy for the size and my normal work but I love her all the same

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Physical Fly toys

Earlier works about 30 prims give or take but fun as heck to poke about in

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"The Anvil" by W.K.I.

and the beast of the 3 in this series

170prim non physical airship

"The Hammer" by W.K.I

Yet another im on a roll

128prim non physical airship

"The Sextant" Wicked Kitty Industries fine airships

The time has come and what better way then with pictures Introducing the Sextant a 30 prim physical ship by W.K.I

The time has come and what better way then with pictures

Monday, July 7, 2008

RFL auction post auction report

All i can say is amazing ok ok i went all out out . Over all good considering there was another party at PropSpinners at same time . (exact ammount escapes me atm) 5500l for RFL i was speechless not to shabby at all. I did go over board and sparked some last min biding instead of one i put up 2 airships the Ragnarock and the prototype to the Lolite ( a smaller ship of similar design
thank you all that attended and special thanks to the winners
If you all missed theultimate free Party Favor (small physical plane called the Guppy) and to actually poke into this blog drop me a line ill send you one .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Auction or Bust

out in Kintyre today and hanging on my build platform was inspired hacked together "the Guppy" lil phys flight pusher based on terracuby D I Y plane as a party favor for event .
hows that for fun auction for a good cause and free plane I m sooooo oexcited /crossess fingers

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RFL auction in Kintyre

yep wicked kitty industries is well underway rather then just set up a vendor decidied first ship out the door will be auctioned off on the 6th for caledons favorite cause RFL. the Ragnarock will be on display and flight demos /rides /tours given on me .
just a short update from work (what a night what a night)
will be in world later for a quick photo snap before Sumie sets the dogs after me for not having my av picture up in the blog /ning ........
with in week 2nd ship should be out smaller rescue craft based on the Ragnarock called the Lolite and after that a ship for the Extropia Defense Force called the Vallhala

Friday, June 27, 2008

Its never read but i still write lol

oh the humanity. anyone read this or just my own musing.
well for those that might. I am up at work spend the day getting scripts cleaned up. just wating in one more from a friend (hes really busy and accidently made in no mod no copy) so this should be on sale soon
also made a smaller version of the dual level Ragnarock . more of a mini raganrock /search and rescue sub
im not an expert but im thinking 500 on mini and 1k on the large vessel ?
maybe a package deal with both for 1300 or something like that >

/ramble off fair skies

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wicked Kitty Industires update and misc

Well time to keep track of lil updates again
Ragnarock submarine /airship . Showed off an Connolly dome today woot Zoe was on
improvements keep coming Propellers now fully scripted and rotating nice fire effects for airmode and swaps to bubbles when in water. not that sucky 1 efect fire but 5 randoms hehe
next variable speed and Camera angle menu (currently a sit and fly with 3rd person behinde ship view) . Side door with lowering ramp . sub mode rezing canopy over the open top deck.
Just about ready to sell/ give a way
other ideas in discussion with some scripters and some sort of office /siting area for bottom deck may make this rez on touch/command room to save some prims in crossings but make it static in model one release

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wicked Kitty Industries

Updates both r/l and s/l
To all my friends thank you for your support in my busy days r/l helping my family while my Dad finaly rest ......dang stubborn Itailan fathers no even minor heartattacks slow them down from trying to overwork themselfs. He is doing well just some routine checks the Drs say but overall well
SL update well when im back ill be starting W K I (wicked kitty industries) and selling my own airships /submarines .... finally think there good enough to let people have ... well outside those friends ive said here have a beta to lol.
so first products... 2 airships 1 sub and a flying chair is the idea
Caledon Highlands airbase been open for a while thou probably not well known still need to get somekind of promotion out there on that .
Thank you Uni Ninetails my dear friend for watching over Highland Falls for me and the airbase
i can never thank you enough for finishing the work on the cave and garden (so nice we share a vision on that )

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OMG its an Update

Yes I post again muhahhaha . As many may know I finnaly got some land in Caledon Highlands /waves and set right to work on creating my waterfall /cave home . complete with airstrip and boatdock. (thanks to all that see this that attended my House warming). and a special thanks to Lady Snook for providing the most excelent music choices. Highland Falls is open to the public and will remain as long as i am able . hopefully a very long time . Thank you my special friend you know who you are that helped me save it 2 weeks in when my land partner backed out. Comming soon the next RCAF Luxury airship . come on by I am open for business the flight deck is easily visable and clear sailing to the sound for Dogfight weekends ....yes pilots there is a bar inside (RCAF airbase 3 and mid point from what Zoe tells me ) hopfully we will get in marked and notes sent out soon

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another week another time

spent most of my time I had working with a good friend on door /hatch for the RCAF troop transport ( was sick last week much better now ruined my vacation days thou and fell behinde on list) ill try to post a few pics of it soon its a split door basicaly with a round "iris " and droping ramp. Showed it off to a few at the Rust Prop seems to be a hit thanks guys.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures Yes working on em

If any fellow Caledonians come lurking by and have happened to catch me (by acident im sure) in any photos i would love to see them . Working to get some up here and start posting my random thoughts and update shots from the R&D Team .

News from a Bar ....yes its not a typo

Quick catch up. thanks to Graham for showing me the rusty prop in SSC everyone needs to put down the wrench time and again. As for updates RCAF R &D s dynamic duo Me and Kara Wind. giant evil tank /check /slightly less evil confence table and chairs for misc events and watching movies at Zoe s mayfair "sky hangar" check.
on the agenda troop transport /bomber airframe in progress
make Karas tank move ....ok this one may be easy. 2 by request of Marshal Connolly I will make a Flying version cause well it just looks good .
Also of note if you catch this Zoe ill make a more historical version of the table and chairs i got carried away and went a little into the modern on those trying to keep some victorian features they look good but ill get ya a more office friendly model lol

Thursday, February 21, 2008

OK OK ZOE ill do it

caught the snipet on Zoe blog about the RCAF R&D branch (warm fuzzies) yes it appears i have a partner in destruction the lovely Kara Wind. On another note Zoe i know i said i would so looking for page templates and this week will be taking . pictures of the Fleet to pretty up the page maybe get Kara in in it make it an update /show blog
link it to yours when ready

Thursday, February 14, 2008

OMG the humanity

it was horrible the smell my god the smoke the horible horible mangled debri field .. my poor poor ship ((( ok r/l version smoked a hard drive seized up and died but i like the above blimp like reference above more)) replacing tonight shouldnt be out that long
always keep a few "spares" in my daughters pc lol

Saturday, February 9, 2008

OK so time constraints keep me from doing this right

/ramble ramble ramble what to do with this page work on it thats it .
r/l work busy
s/l not so busy Hey got the Valkyri flying .... barely so onto addition and texturing .
Glad to see Zoe Connoly RCAF Marshal and friend didnt leave (i honestly stoped work on the project during the phase were she was thinking about it)
so i am inspired again to finish one project (the aircraft carrier) herefore known as the "guvnah"class and move onto the cruiser "Connolly" class ships RCAF should have a fleet at this rate
and if you randomly came across this blog well i dont expect many to understand this outside of Caledon. lol
.....back to r/l work end transmission

Friday, February 1, 2008

Work damit

well in all things unfair WORK yes the r/l kind so this might turn into an early morning rant lol . will work on format and pictures Sunday. Showed and old friend around some of Caledon this morning . KittyLou seem to enjoy it and we are planing a more involved caledon outing in the future.
To Do list
Valkyri. front deck rework
(observation balloon seperate small project to test flight scripting ok well hover scripiting)
Possible i may actually enter a contest to make a casual outfit for the RCAF time /ability permitting i have an idea if it works cool if not heh

Thursday, January 31, 2008

OMG its official I'm a blogging

Well first post and first blog (mutters something about thanking Zoe Connolly) will work on prettying up the sight and updating as i work on my airship Builds for the RCAF .

......good stuff coming soon .....i hope

SimplyAmy Iwish
RCAF grease monkey