Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OMG its an Update

Yes I post again muhahhaha . As many may know I finnaly got some land in Caledon Highlands /waves and set right to work on creating my waterfall /cave home . complete with airstrip and boatdock. (thanks to all that see this that attended my House warming). and a special thanks to Lady Snook for providing the most excelent music choices. Highland Falls is open to the public and will remain as long as i am able . hopefully a very long time . Thank you my special friend you know who you are that helped me save it 2 weeks in when my land partner backed out. Comming soon the next RCAF Luxury airship . come on by I am open for business the flight deck is easily visable and clear sailing to the sound for Dogfight weekends ....yes pilots there is a bar inside (RCAF airbase 3 and mid point from what Zoe tells me ) hopfully we will get in marked and notes sent out soon